Kaju Videos

ETRP’s  2018 (Words from our Fallen Warriors) 

ETRP’s Official 2015 Vegas Promo

ETRP Woman of Kajukenbo 2014

GM Janis Somera-Aquino

ETRP GM Ron Lew:

ETRP’s Doce Pares Seminar

Si Gung Philip Dang (KP Nation)

SD Seminar 2013


ETRP Guava Man

GM Sidney Lopez


ETRP Portugal

Olohe Dennis Eli  & Olohe Kai Li, Prof. Tim Gangnier


ETRP’s 2013 KSDI Vegas Promo Video


Expose the Root Seminar:

Los Angeles, January 2013

Expose the Root:

Bautista Clan

Expose the Root:

Ohana at Work

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