The Expose the Root Project is a collaboration of Martial Arts, History, and Music. Bands are being selected to represent the E.T.R.P. that fit the culture and the needs of the project. Thus far the project has chosen two bands to help spread the word about the project which include “The StirCrazies” out of San Diego and “Zen Robbi” out of Los Angeles. The music of the chosen bands will be used to sound track various video clips that will be posted on the site and eventually be used in the finished Kajukenbo Documentary.

Punk Rock Reggae sounds with a new twist!

So far The Stircrazies have been a major supporter of the ETRP.
Click to be linked to               “The Stircrazies”

The Stircrazies are a reggae-rock band from San Diego, CA. Their free spirited sound matches perfectly with spirit of the Kajukenbo art form. They recently released their eleven track debut album “Rise Against” to the world, featuring special guest trumpet player “C-Money” from Slightly Stoopid and Kajukenbo practitioner Drummer Luke on percussion. The names of the two songs donated toward the project are “Got the Fire” for the Kajukenbo sizzle video & “Little Reggae” for the Expose the Root Seminar (L.A.) video.

Rock and Roll is back and badder than ever.
Click to be linked to” Zen Robbi”

From Los Angeles, CA emerges the nastiest power trio rock and roll has seen since the dawn of the millennium. For nearly 8 years now, the titanic trio have been terrorizing audiences across America with their rambunctious funk and ridiculous good looks. Led by the notorious pirate Captain Mic Dangerously, Scott Wittenberg and Timmy “Too Tall” Baker are the back bone to a beast of a band that is on the road to musical superstardom. Fusing rock, soul, swing, jazz and funk these boys can play, and they mean business. Their funky sounds and up beat music worked perfectly to promote Sijo’s 2013 Kajukenbo tournament. What better song to promote a Las Vegas tournament then “Life is Like Las Vegas”. Mahalo Zen Robbi for your contribution!

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