Expose the Root Seminar, LA

The Expose the Root Seminar (Los Angeles) was a great success. It was a great day, the master instructors taught and the seminar participants learned. The space for the seminar was donated by Sensei Donnie Jeffcoat of the Shaolin American Self-Defense Academy.

Click to view Expose the Root Seminar L.A.!
Click to view Expose the Root Seminar L.A.!

Instructors that donated their time pictured here:

ER Seminar (460)
L – R ( Grand Masters: Keith Straughter, Rick Kingi, Eugene Sedeno) Sifu Lucas Sullivan, Prof. John Bishop, and Sigung Robert Kingi
ER Seminar (204)
Adult supporters
ER Seminar (199)
Young Adult Supporters

ER Seminar (334) ER Seminar (437)

4 thoughts on “Expose the Root Seminar, LA

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