What does Kajukenbo mean?


Kajukenbo is a magical acronym because it encompasses so many ideas, concepts and means something different to all who comes across it. When you hear Kajukenbo, it initially sounds like an exotic dish of some sorts; but in a way this is true! Kajukenbo martial arts takes from several disciplines and cultures. If it was a plate of food you would see cuisine from the Philippines, Korea, Japan, Hawaii, China, and America.  In this acronymn you find abbreviations for Kara’te, Kali, Judo, Ju-Jitsu, Kenpo , Chinese Kung – Fu and American Boxing. Kajukenbo is also synonymous with self defense and the concept of Mixed Martial Arts; which is so prevalent in this day of age. “Kaju” for short is a self expression in movement via mixed martial arts. Yet’ even shorter “Kaj” meaning art, knowledge, survival and self belief. Kajukenbo is a portal to self development of the mind, body and spirit through rigorous hours of training and practice with a teacher, Kumu, Sifu, SiGung, Professor or Grand Master you learn from. Kajukenbo is a gathering of people or Ohana (Family).


Sifu Lucas Sullivan (5th degree)

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