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Sifu Lucs Sullivan
Sifu Lucs Sullivan

Expose the Root Project was started by Sifu Lucas Sullivan on June 7, 2012 to help promote and bring clarity to the Kajukenbo system for outsiders and outliers. He hopes the project will bring more community to the Kajukenbo Ohana and provides an understanding of American born, Hawaiian martial arts.

Since the project has started he has met all walks of Kajukenbo life. He has worked with the Kajukenbo Pride Fight Club Apparel, created a promotional video for the KSDI 2013 Vegas event. He was a guest at the Arizona George Lim Invitational. He attended and covered the KOA Back to the Roots seminar in Oahu, Hawaii. He also has joined the American Jujitsu Institute (Non Profit Organization) of Hawaii and Elite Training Systems under Prof. Kai Li to represent the Hawaiian martial arts in Portugal where Sifu Lucas spread the ETRP idea internationally.

I - Pono
I – Pono

Internal Rioutousness

Sifu Lucas Sullivan
Martial Arts Bio:
Lucas started his Martial Arts journey in Fairfield CA., at the Mendiola’s Kenpo Club (MKC) under Sifu Victor Mendiola in 1992. There he learned his Kajukenbo basics. He reached the rank of Black belt in 2001 and is under the “Ramos” linage. During his training at the MKC he learned how to instruct a large class and competed and placed in many tournaments. His tournament experience includes point fighting, traditional forms, weapons forms, and self-defense competition. During this time at the MKC he also studied Judo at Solano Community College with Master Tanaka which provided him the principals of balance and understanding of the center of gravity.


In 2002, for a short time he lived, trained and taught in Las Vegas at the Akamai Kajukenbo Dojo. When Sifu Lucas returned to California in 2003 he opened his own class which was given the name Islander Kajukenbo; where he taught forms, fighting and self-defense. During this time he also began choreographing his own martial arts forms and techniques.

In 2004, he found himself looking for a deeper knowledge of Kajukenbo and began training with Grand Master Calvin Shin and Kick Boxer  Dan “Bam Bam” Stell. He eventually found himself training and assisting at the Northern California Head Quarters Kajukenbo Self-Defense Institute (N.C.H.Q.K.S.D.I.) in Vallejo under the guidance of Grand Master Emil Bautista. At the N.C.H.Q.K.S.D.I. he was exposed to Black Belt training classes, which were full of high ranking black belts.

In 2006, Sifu Lucas moved to Hawaii (Oahu) to soak up some of the Island culture, there he visited several Kajukenbo Dojo’s, joined a Hawaiian band and studied some basics of Caporeia. In 2007 he moved back to the mainland and returned again to the N.C.H.Q.K.S.D.I. In 2007 he was promoted to a 3rd degree black belt, and once again in 2012 he was promoted to a 4th degree by Grand Master Emil Bautista.

Also in 2007, Sifu Lucas moved to Los Angeles to pursue a College degree, Martial Arts, Film and Music. Just recently he graduated from CSULA with a Bachelor’s in Finance, performed with the StirCrazies SD Band at largest reggae festival in California, and  won two World Titles in International Portugal at the World All-styles Championship. Lucas was also just promoted to 1st Degree Black Belt in Kenpo-Karate under SGM Rick Alemany.

Sifu Lucas Sullivan performing various Hard & Soft Kajukenbo forms in San Francisco:

Currently, Sifu Lucas resides in Miracle Mile and teaches Kajukenbo Privately and now holds the rank of 5th degree Black Belt. He continues working on the Ohana’s Expose the Root Project Documentary, please continue to support him and the Expose the Root Project!

Aloha & Mahalos,


(707) 631-9299

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