The Journey

Expose the Root Project is dedicated to raising public awareness about the Kajukenbo system and it’s dynamic history. We look to keep the legacy of the Kajukenbo founders alive by spearheading projects aimed at capturing history and educating martial artist and the public about what the Kajukenbo system provides with a “Kajukenbo” documentary.

We are about real, informative, up to date, spiritual, honest, martial arts. It is not our intention to debate or enter political issues. We are about documenting, learning and sharing about the Kajukenbo system and it’s rich history.

Expose the Root Project is committed to uncovering the story of Kajukenbo and sharing the rich culture of this martial art system.

Sijo Adriano D. Emperado

Sijo Adriano D. Emperado is the root of the Kajukenbo system, but the system would not be possible without the help of the Black Belt Society!

J Emperado

Master Joseph Emperado has also left his blood sweat and tears in the Kajukenbo martial art form.


4 thoughts on “The Journey

  1. 1962
    I trained under Marino Tiwanak CHA-3 Pearl Harbor Karate club.
    Marino trained under Professor Chow and Emperado. I am one of the few “Howley’s” who received a black Belt.

    I was recognized at the Masters Hall of Fame in 2009 and received the “Pioneers” award trophy at Long Beach Ca. at the Awards dinner.

    I was in the Navy during my training period at CHA-3. When I left Hawaii I was a Brown/Black. Marino had double color belts made so as to distinguish one belt category from the other.

    I continued my training while stationed aboard the USS Hornet. 6-months after I left Hawaii the Hornet stopped in Pearl For stores & Ammo as we were heading for Viet Nam. This was 1965 when Pres.Johnson called up the reserves to go to Viet Nam.While were there receiving stores for the Hornet, I made arrangements to take my Black Belt test at CHA-3. In those days that ment you fought three black belts at the same time to see if you could hold your own, especially during ground frighting.

    I continued training aboard ship and trained some of the guys who were interested in Karate. I left the Navy in 1966 and went into law enforcement.

    I retired from Police work after 23 years LAPD- Escondido PD- Deputy Marshal Palm Springs all in California. I was never injured in a fight in all those years which I attribute to my training at CHA-3 and
    The fact that my Father in Haven was always watching over me.

  2. Great Website!!! My sone an I started our Kajukenbo journeys just this year. I also have a background in film/video so any time you need a hand shoot me an email. Great work thus far.

  3. Over one third of all Kajukenbo schools are located outside the United States. The documentry will not be complete without including the Kajukenbo pioneers that started schools overseas and the unique challenges that they faced.

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