A Message From Maui Man Aiau Koa


Aloha nō to all Brothers and Sisters of Kajukenbo Self Defense system.
I would like to shed some light on the wishes of Sijo Adriano D. Emperado one of the founders of Kajukenbo
as told to me by Sijo
2 1/2 months before his passing at Hale Makua, Wailuku, Maui.

1st. about Self Defense:
He told me he has never entered a tournament or won a trophy because his fights were all real fights.
He would like to see more students from white to high ranking black belts enter Self-Defense Division because that is Kajukenbo.
It was created to defend yourself and your family.
Kajukenbo is Self-Defense.

2nd. he talked about Forms
He expressed that he would like to see black belt and higher do Palama 1 or 2 first before they do their chosen form, then you will be able to see the root form if you are true Kajukenbo.

3rd. he talk about his Board of Advisors (BOA).
Sijo: “I am sick and tired of people asking me to promote them”. That’s why the BOA was created.
The last person that Sijo promoted to Grandmaster was Professor Harry Herrera from Albuquerque New Mexico. After that Sijo said
“I am done promoting the Board of Advisors will take over promotions to 8th and 9th degree black belt only.
Sijo said the BOA will promote nobody else.

4th. and probably the most important discussion we had.
“When I was younger I made mistakes along the way but I am older now and I look back at my life and I see who was loyal to me.
SGM Joseph Halbuna
SGM George Ka’anana,
GM Greg Harper,
GM Ricardo Kingi
GM Gary Forbach
GM Emil Bautista
GM Vince Black
and my sister GM Dechi Emperado, get some more guys but I can not remember their names right now”.
Tell everybody to treat and help my sister like you would treat me. He wish that
everybody could get together and show respect to one another and be one big Family.
KaJuKenBo Ohana that’s it that’s all I want Sijo said.

Just My thoughts;
I firmly believe that we all have the same goals in mind and that is to have Honor, Integrity and Pride in the Kajukenbo system.
What has happen in the past can not change but the future is wide open for all of us to lead our student in a positive direction with Love Honor and Respect for Sijo and his dream.

Now you Known what
Sijo Adriano D. Emperado
Was dreaming of the future for Kajukenbo Hawaiian Self Defense…….
“We should build bridges to connect us to one another, and not build walls to separate us”.

E Ke Akua Manaloa ekolu mea nui ma kēia hui o Kajukenbo. Hōʻihi, Hoʻohanohano, a me ke Aloha. Ke aloha mai hoʻokahi
E na aumakua na mamo o Kajukenbo, Paʻa kamanaʻo i ka pono, po maikaʻi na mea āpau malu noa.

With Love, Honor, and Respect to all Bothers and Sisters of Kajukenbo worldwide,
Mahalo nui loa Aiau Koa


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