Expose the Root Project

“Expose The Root” is an ongoing project to raise awareness about the history of Kajukenbo and reveal how it fits into the martial arts world. The rationale of the project is to raise public awareness of the Kajukenbo art. This can be accomplished by telling the story of  how Kajukenbo came about through the voices of the Masters and the disciples of the art form. The first major project is an upcoming Kajukenbo documentary which will focus on the story of how Kajukenbo came about from a martial artist point of view. The term “Expose the Root” refers to letting the public know about Kajukenbo’s family tree history.The Ohana “Family” tree shown below depicts the size and complexity of this dynamic martial art system. Please feel free to be apart of this project because “Expose the Root” will need many diggers to uncover a root of this magnitude! Enjoy the page, the project and the Kajukenbo culture, Aloha!

Kajukenbo Family Tree
Kajukenbo Family Tree

8 thoughts on “Expose the Root Project

  1. My Name is John Elliott- I trained with Marino Tiwanak CHA #-3
    at the old bowling alley near the Pearl Harbor gate in the yr.1962
    I left the club as a Brown/Black-I was in the Navy aboad the USS Hornet passing through Hawaii 1964 when I went for/and received my Black Belt from Marino.

  2. I have heard and seen so many different accounts of Hawaiian kajunkebo. I can only speak from my first hand experience training under Professor Marino Tiwanaka of Central Hawaiian Activities 3. Better known as CHA3. Professor.Tiwanaka trained under Adriano and Joseph Emperado and Woodrow McCandles. I had the extreme honor of being accepted into the CHA3 brotherhood, kenpo, After a long process of being beat on. We where training in the old Navy Bowling Alley in Palama Housing 1961. At that time there where only two other Haole’s that where allowed into the training. The Viking, Fred Bucsher Joe Guregzny, The Pollak. Our instructors where. Hymie Abregano, Assistant. Cuarisma, Assistant, Roy Halmos Assistant and Edward Wallace. I recieved my 1st degree black 1965, leaving the Military i opened my own dojo in Long Beach Californla in 1966. I continued to return to Hawaii for training. I served 28 years in the Law Enforcement profession retiring a Captain, with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, California. I am a certified Military/Police Hand to Hand Combat Instructor. There has been many changes in the Kajunkenbo–Kenpo Brotherhood. Some good and some not so good. To many out for themselves, to make a name. Not for the true history.” It is not what is around your waist or the belt you wear, but the knowledge you have, the sweat an tears you gave.”

    Richard Daniel

  3. Aloha! Greetings, my name is Gualberto Moncayo am the first Kajukenbo instructor in Argentina, I am student of Bruno Rebelo de Portugal e trained with Masters as Emil Bautista, Al Dacascos, Al Cross, Janice Somera, Robert New, Gabe Vargas, Tim Garnier between others … I am very happy that this project comes to light and so to help kajukenbo history concerted worldwide,

    1. Thank you for your interest in the project; we of the Kajukenbo family are all apart of it. Please stay updated with the happenings of the project and spread the word about the Expose the Root Project.

      Sifu Lucas Sullivan

  4. Sifu Lucas, wouldn’t it be a good thing to interview GM Frank Ordonez, for the site since he is one of the original founders of Kajukenbo? As GM Kimo

  5. So awesome to see this project. I studied Kajukenbo in 73’&74′ under Lucky Venture and Mr. Osaka on Kauai in the small city of Koloa. I was only 13 years old, but am sure I got the names right. These guys were incredible. Hawaii was on fire in 73′ as Bruce Lee had just died in July. I did not realize the Hawaiian roots of Kajukenbo. I just knew that it was unique and seriously tough. We always excelled at the tournament every year in Honolulu. Mahalo for your time and effort in putting this together. I look forward in watching any developments, and possibly seeing a fellow student.

  6. Aloha,
    My name is James B Speights. All I can say is that this is a great idea. So many people today that train in Kempo or Kenpo, really have no idea of their roots. Many times and sadly because there teachers may not either. We are where we are because of those whom came before us and shared. No matter how much or little the gift was, it was still a gift. This should be recognized and really taught from day one. Glad to help in any way I can.
    With respect to all .


    Sifu James B Speights,
    Three Waters RIver School
    Narragansett, RI.
    Hawaiian Kempo

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